LinkedIn is a Professional Networking Site not a Dating app

LinkedIn is a Professional Networking Site not a Dating app

Some people are using LinkedIn as a dating app, many women reported that they received creep messages on LinkedIn.

We all want to use LinkedIn for making professional relations, getting more business and searching for job.

But some creepy men are using LinkedIn for some other purpose.

Their purpose is to find beautiful women via LinkedIn and start flirting with them.

Yes, it’s a harsh truth that many women on LinkedIn report these issues.

By writing this piece, I just want to spread awareness about the best practices of using LinkedIn as a professional platform.

In this article, I will share the experiences of a few of my friends who are using LinkedIn effectively for building their personal brand and some media reports.

Many females posted on LinkedIn that, they receive creep messages like,

Are you married ?

Are you single ?

What is your whatsapp number ?

Are you available for the coffee date ?

Are you happy with your husband ?

Getting a marriage proposal on LinkedIn.

Many times they come with a job offer or a freelance work offer but after a few moments they show their real color, they start sending creepy questions.

People are searching for their ex on LinkedIn to know more about them.

But what’s the reason behind that why these creep men are using LinkedIn as dating site :

1.Original profile

People share their original information on LinkedIn because they want to get a job or work from this platform.

Everyone comes with a purpose on LinkedIn, so they usually share the authentic information on LinkedIn.

2. No Fake Accounts

Dating websites are full of fake accounts but people on LinkedIn come for some serious things.

3. You will get genuine people

People on LinkedIn are genuine and most of them are committed to their work. Checking out work history or the LinkedIn activity gives you an idea about the person.

These creep men think that they will get committed women.

Precautions for being safe on LinkedIn :

Don’t accept the connection request without checking person’s profile

Check the activity before sending and accepting connection requests.

Don’t accept connection requests from inactive users.

Don’t accept connection requests from the users who have bad activities.

Report them to LinkedIn

LinkedIn says that they take it very seriously, LinkedIn moderation team immediately suspends or blocks the person.

Report to the cyber crime authority

If you are getting creepy messages or harassment then you can report to the cyber crime authority.

You can also ask LinkedIn to report the IP address of that user to his local government.

Internet abuse is a genuine issue with authentic consequences. To move toward a more just society, it is important that we listen and take people’s experiences seriously, recognize maladaptive behavior and its harmful effects and develop strategies and solutions for reducing as well as preventing these occurrences.

LinkedIn is also a social network, Yes we are here for creating professional relationships but some men are using it in a wrong way, which can be stop by spreading more and more awareness and teaching every child to respect all genders.



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