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We are getting bad and negative news from all around the person. The Health system fails and thousands of people die.

WHO says that fear, worry, and stress are normal responses to perceived or real threats, and when we are faced with uncertainty or the unknown.

So it’s normal that people are experiencing fear in the context of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

WHO shares some tips and tricks for keeping your mind healthy in a difficult time.

Along with these, I will share some of my personally tested tips with you.

It will help you to live stress-free in this…

10 Steps To Boost Your Productivity
10 Steps To Boost Your Productivity (Image Credit : @mattragland on Unsplash)

We always assume that being productive means doing more tasks but it’s completely wrong. James Clear says in his post that being productive means doing most important tasks consistently.

Productivity means that you are growing with doing your work. Productivity means getting more focused on your goals.

No matters how you define productivity but we all agree that being productive is really important.

Whether you are a student, employee, businessperson, freelancer or an entrepreneur, you have to be productive for getting success in your life.

In this post, I am going to share 10 ways which will definitely help you…

LinkedIn is a Professional Networking Site not a Dating app
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Some people are using LinkedIn as a dating app, many women reported that they received creep messages on LinkedIn.

We all want to use LinkedIn for making professional relations, getting more business and searching for job.

But some creepy men are using LinkedIn for some other purpose.

Their purpose is to find beautiful women via LinkedIn and start flirting with them.

Yes, it’s a harsh truth that many women on LinkedIn report these issues.

By writing this piece, I just want to spread awareness about the best practices of using LinkedIn as a professional platform.

In this article, I will…

6 Steps To Train Your Brain To Focus
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Being focused is really difficult in this distracting world but there are few steps which will help you to train your brain to focus.

In the early days of his business Bill Gates thinks that Warren Buffet does not have any knowledge or skills, he is just earning with the help of luck.

But when Bill meets Warren in a business meetup, one person asks both of them to write one thing which makes them successful.

Bill and Warren both wrote the same word ‘focus’.

From that day Bill and Warren becomes very good friends.

So you have to be…

“Dream, dream, dream.Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.”

5 powerful ways to develop a mindset for getting Success
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AP.J. Abdul Kalam said that your mindset will make your life. Whatever you feel, think or do in your life all depends on your mindset.

If you want to achieve your dreams then you have to create a successful mindset, which should be linked with your aspirations. If you didn’t create a mindset for getting success in your life so you will never be able to achieve your goals in your life.

Why is it important to develop your positive mindset?

Positive mindset can completely transform your life. …

How To Get Success in the world of distraction.

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We all know the importance of being focused and why we need to concentrate on the things which are highly important.

Staying focused is really rare in this distracted world. If you can focus on one thing for just one hour you can do anything.

Being focused creates new value, improves your skill and helps you to crack any goal.

Why is Deep Work Important?

I was a very unfocused person, a person who never plans his day and always spends the time on watching videos, web-series and other social media stuff.

In January 2021, I…

Zoom (A video conferencing app) becomes the most-downloaded Android app in India during coronavirus lockdown.On Google Play Store in India version, Zoom’s Android app was at the top of the charts followed by TikTok, UVideo, Google Pay, Instagram and WhatsApp under the “top free” apps section.

Zoom ( The Silicon Valley-based Startup) is one of the tech companies that has hugely benefitted from the coronavirus pandemic.

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